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The One Show hired a real Peruvian Shaman to Bless This Year’s Entries

Lanfranco & Cordova headed deep into the Andes for the awards show's new video star


The One Show launches with shaman-power

To promote today’s call for entries to The One Show 2020, the advertising awards body is offering the services of a real Peruvian shaman to bless creative work.


The One Show launches ‘Change Your Destiny’ campaign featuring a real Peruvian Shaman

”Cleofe, The Shaman”, a real shaman from Peru who blesses creative work in order to give it some extra good luck before it is entered in The One Show.


Lanfranco & Cordova presentan “Cleofe, The Shaman” para The One Show 2020

Cleofe, el chamán peruano, bendiciendo los trabajos de los creativos para que logren ganar en la próxima edición de The One Show 2020.


The One Show enlists a real peruvian shaman to bless creative work in new 2020 call for entries campaign

Playing off the notion that a little bit of luck can help a piece of creative work stand out, Lanfranco & Cordova, has enlisted the mystical services of an actual peruvian shaman.


Lanfranco & Cordova makes mining beautiful in new spot

The film was shot under difficult weather conditions in four South American mines.


Hochschild Mining takes you on a journey beneath the surface

Showcasing the impressive operations of the company, this gorgeously-shot spot is like a trip to another world.


Foot Locker and Nike celebrate local sneaker culture

MLTI NYC and Lanfranco & Cordova NY highlight sneaker pride across five US cities.


Lürzer’s Archive interviewed Lanfranco & Cordova

“I was fascinated by the stories they had to tell about leaving their native Peru and embarking on a journey that took them to Singapore (Saatchi & Saatchi), Amsterdam (Wieden + Kennedy), Paris (Fred & Farid) and then to New York.” Michael Weinzettl. Editor of Lürzer’s Archive.


Lanfranco & Cordova brings The One Club For Creativity Portfolio Night to Lima

The event will be on Wednesday, May 22, 2019. It is set to unfold across the globe in more than 70 cities worldwide and it’s the first time it will be held in Lima, Peru.


Chew this: Peruvian hostel makes business cards out


coca leaves

Kokopelli's calling card gives travelers an instant remedy for high altitudes.


L&C selected juries

at the New York Festivals Advertising Awards

They also served as juries and speakers for New York Festivals, The One Show, Dubai Lynx, Ojo de Iberoamerica and El Dorado Festival in Colombia.


D-Con puts missing mice posters all over NYC

The rodent control company, is taking its small victories against our furry friends and publicly celebrating them in an amusing new campaign.


L&C selected jury at The One Show Festival

Their work has been recognized at all the major advertising festivals, including: Cannes Lions, The One Show, The Clio Awards, Art Directors Club, London International Awards, etc.


Guest Judges: Gian Lanfranco & Rolando Cordova, McCann New York

They have spent the last 10 years living around the globe. Originally from Lima, Peru, Gian and Rolando are considered the most international Peruvian creatives.


Lanfranco & Cordova NY llevó el Portfolio Night a Lima

El evento, que se realiza en distintas ciudades del mundo, elige el mejor portfolio para que viaje a Nueva York y trabaje junto con los ganadores globales.


Lanfranco & Cordova Gets Snug as a Bug in Clever Ads for Kokopelli Hostel

Peruvian agency launches fun print campaign for Cusco-based hostel.


Old English furniture polish goes all CSI

Clever print campaign demonstrates what stains do to your furniture.


Los publicistas peruanos que lideran una agencia de Nueva York

Tras vivir en Asia y Europa, Gian Carlo Lanfranco y Rolando Córdova son directores creativos de marcas globales en McCann Nueva York.


American Express, una campaña global, Times Square y la dupla peruana detrás

Los creativos Giancarlo Lanfranco y Rolando Córdova ahondan sobre el reposicionamiento de la marca icónica.